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COVID-19: Life after loss

Citizens Advice Enfield announces new project in partnership with Mind in Enfield

Citizens Advice Enfield has partnered with Mind in Enfield to deliver a new service to help residents who have been directly impacted by COVID19. The Life After Loss service will allow Citizens Advice to go beyond its advisory role, providing financial and emotional support through Mind in Enfield to local residents, helping them cope with the terrible losses bought about by COVID-19.

The Life After Loss service will include:

  • A dedicated advice caseworker to manage the clients’ needs from start to finish.
  • It will include fast track advice to access benefits, Universal Credit, and debt advice support.
  • Assistance with raising money for funeral costs and other sudden/emergency bills.
  • Emergency crisis emotional support counselling.
  • Up to 8 free sessions of bereavement counselling.
  • A small grant of up to £500 for those families in dire need of financial relief.

The effects of COVID-19 have been felt acutely across the Enfield community.(Source: ONS, NRS and NISRA – England, Wales and Northern Ireland updated weekly.)

  • As of the 30 October 2020, 401 coronavirus-related deaths had been registered in Enfield.
  • The total cases in Enfield has risen to 4,251 by 9 November.
  • With 495 new cases recorded in the last week alone.

Citizens Advice Enfield (CAE) and Mind in Enfield understand that these are more than just statistics, but countless lives changed by the pandemic.

Please fill in this Life After Loss self-referral form if you have been affected by COVID-19 and need support. 

Data from the Enfield Council reveals that infection rates were highest in the most deprived areas of the borough.

Source: PHE Situational Explorer

Deaths and illness have plunged families across the borough into crisis. Whether they have fallen into poverty following the loss of a soul provider, struggling to pay expensive funeral costs, or battling the emotional strain of grief and stress, the right support must be available.

You will qualify for this support if:

  • You have lost an immediate family member to COVID-19
  • You or an immediate family member contracted COVID-19 and now have other health issues as a result also known as ‘Long COVID’.
  • You need help to access benefits, sort out your debts or you are in need of emotional counselling support as a result of this please contact us or complete the self referral form on our website

Advice Line: 0300 330 1167 (Monday- Friday 10am-4pm)